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Watercolor Paper

This page is dedicated to showing you the paper supplies I personally use and have purchased myself. Please note that if an item was sent to me for review and is listed here, it will be noted next to that item. Please also note that when you click on the affiliate links below, I do receive a small commission, however, again, these are items I have personally purchased and use unless otherwise stated.


Canson XL Watercolor Paper 140lb Cold Press:

Hands down, my favorite day to day paper. I typically buy the 9×12 and cut it down if need be. In the past, I’ve bought even larger, but I find this size is large enough for most of my needs. I do have a larger 18×24 sized Strathmore I’ll list further down for large landscapes. This is my every day paper. It’s got the right amount of smoothness but also the right amount of texture to keep my pigments where I want them but also with movability. See my photos of them below.

Bee Paper Bee Creative Watercolor Paper:

I came across this item on Instagram through a watercolor artist I follow that highly recommended them. I purchased mine on Amazon and love that I have a small place to keep small paintings or try new things that I don’t want to use loose paper on. It’s like a sketchbook for watercolor painting. You can see some of my “sketch paintings” in the photos below.

Strathmore 18×24 Cold Press Watercolor Paper 300 Series:

For large landscape paintings, I prefer Strathmore. The paper has more texture in it, which gives a more granulated effect to the painting, which I found beautiful. I can also cut this paper down for smaller paintings that I still want a more granulated look to.



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