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Mid-Summer Night Seas Resin Two Tier Dessert Stand – The Florida Keys Collection


Mid-Summer Night Seas Resin Two Tier Dessert Stand – The Florida Keys Collection

Welcome to the Florida Keys Collection. This listing is for a two tiered dessert stand from my mid-summer night seas color scheme. This stand has a gold leaf border on the top, sides, and bottom, sealed with gold leafing seal. This set comes with gold hardware that just screws together. This stand is made with food safe resin so food may be placed directly onto the surface once cleaned with soap and water. DO NOT USE ALCOHOL BASED PRODUCTS ON THESE ITEMS TO CLEAN THEM. Alcohol will remove the gold leaf edge.


About Resin:

Resin is never perfect. Here is where I’d like to give you a few pieces of information regarding resin.

  • There may be air bubbles within the resin design as well as on edges. This is perfectly normal. Resin, in liquid form, traps gases and although you can get most of them out, many times there can be some that form after an hour or so even after you’ve de-gassed it as much as you can.
  • Various resin dyes and pigments weigh different amounts so some float and some sink within the resin. Some dyes flake within the resin so you’ll see some speckling
  • Some resin molds have imperfections. Rest assured that every piece is inspected and any imperfections are part of the design, not an over-site.
  • Some items are thicker than others. This is also normal.
  • Resin can have somewhat of a temperament. When cool, they tend to be at their strongest. When warm-hot, they can be somewhat flexible. While I use resin that is heat and scratch resistant after 30 days of curing, you may still find scratches, indents, or flexibility within the resin. This is normal. Run it under some warm water to get out the indents and scratches and then run it under cool water once those indents are out to strengthen it again. If you do nothing, over a few hours, those things will come out on their own. For items, such as bookmarks or notebook covers, you may find that leaving them on an angle in a hot car or other situation may cause them to bend. Lay them on a flat surface and they will go back to being flat over the course of a few hours.
  • Do not use alcohol based cleaners on them. Edges may have gold/silver leafing pen or real gold leafing on them. Alcohol and alcohol based cleaners will remove these.
  • Lastly, I do my best to ensure that these babies are imperfectly perfect when they leave my studio. I take photos to ensure you can see everything you get. Again, some imperfections are normal. If you receive your items and are not satisfied with them, please contact me directly at so we can look at the issue together and resolve it.

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in


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