I’ve gotta write about myself…. Again?

The first thing you should know is that I hate writing “about me” pages for myself, but alas, here we are.

The second thing you should know is I'm amazing at everything.

The third thing you should know is I'm highly sarcastic.

I'm a late-thirty-something, vagina bearing homosapian with four little mini-me's and a husband, who is likely regretting his decision to ask me to marry him all those years ago.

I like to laugh, crack jokes, not care about being PC, and generally have a very inappropriate sense of humor.

The singles ad would write itself, amiright?

*sigh* I'm even too much for myself sometimes. Let's see, aside from art, I love martial arts and practice Taekwondo. I love eating. Riding my bike. Eating. More Eating. Sleeping. Eating again. You get the idea.

I make cool stuff

Let's face it. I may not be PC, but we ALL know that word (stuff) was meant to be the other word, but mom and dad are probably reading this.

I'm an artist. I think I'm pretty good. I do just about everything. Graphic design, drawing, painting, fluid art, crochet, embroider, crafting, wood work, etc. I don't stick to just one thing because I like too much of it.

I have a massive p.... (come on... I know what you were thinking)

...PORTFOLIO that range from paintings and photography to web design and illustrations. I even illustrated a children's book, not to be confused with writing a children's book. I did not write it.

Well... that sums it up. PHEW that was only a little painful.