Walnut egg Holder Trays

One of the newest items to come to market with me are these gorgeous walnut wood egg holder trays. They’re available in 6 and 12 count holders and fit perfectly in your fridge’s egg cubby! These make for “egg”cellent housewarming gifts! I’m a dork…. I know.

These macrame keychains and essential oil diffusers are perfect as gifts or for treating yourself! Simply add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil to the raw wood beads or hoops (not the dark finished beads) and hang on your rearview mirror!

And can we talk about how cute these keychains are? Not all of the keychains can be used as a diffuser, but they’re really more meant to be just keychains. I make these made to order through my website, so be sure to visit my shop to get your custom made! Prices range from just $10-$20!

Happy shopping!

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