Check… Check… Is this thing on?

I admit, I have no idea if blogging is ever going to make a come back, but one thing I do know is that I miss writing a blog. Since closing down my photography studio back in 2018 to focus on motherhood, I’ve wandered around experimenting to try to figure out what’s next in my world. All of my kids are in school so I have time to shift focus to my career again.

In times past, I felt like I had to narrow down what I did in order to have a cohesive brand and offering, however for the last five years, this nagging question of “why?” stayed with me in the back of my head. I could never answer that question. Why should I be limited in what I create? If I create something I think someone would like to purchase, why keep it hidden? The answer is, I shouldn’t. So, I’ve created this cozy little nook on the web to be a small and intimate space to share whatever, whenever. Buckle up! We’re going for a ride!