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jen shannon

The Basics

•Live in Florida

•Retired portrait photographer

•Wife, Mom of 4


•Coffee addict

•I am always changing my hair color from blonde to red.


I won't lie. These pictures are from 2013, when my friend, Monica, and I were filming my "Legacy" promo video. I still look like this today, including my fabulous nails, but the reason I chose to use these photos is because the video is still relevant to me today.

It's engrained in who I am to leave my mark on this world, even if it's only a small one. I believe someone's legacy is more than just monetary. It's how people remember you after you're journey is over. It's what you instilled in other people, how you made a difference in the world around you.

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My Journey

For ten years, I was a professional photographer. A year into my business, I started a blog to journal my business and personal life, at least to some extent. In April 2018, I decided it was time to close to focus on motherhood. Two years later, after giving birth to our son, who turned out to have a congenital heart defect, things have gotten back to a new normal and I'm ready to put my artistic efforts into something greater. To read more about my decision to "retire" from being a portrait photographer, click the link below. Note, my hair was amazing red back then, but the blond is way easier to keep up with!

"Begin with the end in mind."



1. Favorite Season

Definitely fall time. Fall is the time of year that my artistic soul comes to life. Fall is filled with the amazing scents of pumpkin spice coffee from Gloria Jeans, cinnamon, apple, and pumpkin. It's full of golden sunlight, opening windows to enjoy the cooler air, lighting candles, and cooking comfort foods like sweet potato gnocchi in a browned butter and sage sauce. I could go on forever about fall! 

2. Favorite Candle

Leaves or Fresh Balsam by Bath & Bodyworks.

3. Favorite Place to Shop

Amazon or any craft store like Joann's or Hobby Lobby.

4. Favorite Food

I could eat fresh, cooked sushi all day every day for the rest of my life.

5. Favorite Beverage

Coffee. My favorite coffee of all time is Gloria Jeans Pumpkin Spice. My favorite K-cup is Gloria Jeans Hazelnut. I like iced coffee from Dunkin' or a sweet cream iced cold brew from Starbucks. I also really like dunkaccinos when it's cold, but they are so caloric!

6. Favorite Show

Friends is my all time favorite. I also loved Grace and Frankie. Other shows I thought were really good was Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Little Fires Everywhere, The Morning Show, and Defending Jacob.

7. My Go-To Outfit

Um... pajamas? I have four kids and we've been in quarantine since March, so I'd say yoga shorts and a t-shirt.

8. Bucket List Item

The one thing on my bucket list is to take an Alaskan Cruise with my husband!

9. Enneagram Type

I'm a type 3.

10. Guilty Pleasure

My nails! I LOVE doing my own nails. I use Revel Nail dip powders. I've been doing my own nails for about 5 years now, 2.5 of those being dip powders. I developed an allergy to gel nails and I thought my fancy nail life was over, until I was introduced to dip powder nails. I haven't looked back since!



Started my business in Illinois under Starlight Art & Design.

Approached and was hired by PetSmart to do a weekend of pet photography.

Manager of that PetSmart asked me to photograph her wedding.


Got my first 2nd shooter jobs.

Shot my first of many weddings to come.

Began homing my focus in photography.

Changed my name from Starlight Art & Design to Jen Shannon Photography.


Laid off of corporate job.

Moved back to Jacksonville, were I am from and started my business over again here.

Lined up many second shooter jobs that eventually turned into referrals for my business. 


Took on less second shooter jobs as my business began to take off.

Got pregnant in April 2011. Our first born, a daughter, was born in January 2012.

By the end of 2013, I was pregnant with our second, another daughter, and began feeling a call towards modern women's portraiture.


Mid 2014, I gave birth to our second daughter. I stopped taking weddings and opted to finish out the ones I had already booked to focus on portraiture.

I used my living room as my studio. Eventually I was making enough to justify getting a studio.

Late in 2015, I opened my own studio space with a wedding planner. 

2015 we found we were expecting our third baby, another daughter.

Early 2016 I gave birth to her.

Fall of 2017, I got pregnant with our fourth child, a son. Later in the fall, I felt spread too thin and wanted to close my business, but waited awhile to make sure I was truly what I wanted.


March 2018, after some complications with my pregnancy, I decided to tell my husband that after ten years, I wanted to close. He was super supportive. I wanted to come out on top.

Closed studio April 30, 2018.

Welcomed our son end of May 2018. We did not know that he had a congenital heart defect. I could have never kept my studio open while trying to service clients and deal with what we went through.

June 2018 he want through open heart surgery at 2 weeks old. He died and was resuscitated and went on ECMO (life support) and so much more. Thank God, today he is a happy, healthy 2 year old. All of my past clients are happy. My family is whole.


2019 came and I wanted to work towards an art career in the other areas of art that I love.

Started selling little things in my Etsy shop. Began really developing my skill level as a watercolor artist.

2020 I began playing with resin.

I decided this would be the year I could put all of the trauma behind me and start turning my hobbies into a business.

I chose an online business; One that I could use many of my talents on; from creating digital products like templates and printable art to tangible products, like resin goods and stickers. That's how my Creative Atelier was born.

I began my email list in January 2020. I opened a free resource library for subscribers. Now I'm moving forward with focusing my website on very particular items, without putting myself in a box of only doing one thing.

I'd Love To Hear From You!

If you've read this far, phew! Thank you for taking time out of your life to get to me know a little bit. I'd love to know more about you!

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