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Join Me On A Crochet-A-Long

Join me on my first hosted Crochet a-long starting 8/1/2019!

I don’t know about you, but I often have plans of making things for people, especially baby blankets, and I wind up starting and never finishing. When my friend Lauren was due, she wound up having her baby early so I never finished the blanket. I keep promising her that I will and I thought the best way to have accountability is to actually do it along with people who want to do it too!

So here’s the deal. The baby blanket is 25 squares, five of each stitch. The plan will be one square per day for 25 days! Use any stitch you want, it doesn’t have to be what’s in the pattern. The last week will be spent assembling and finishing the blanket details.

The best part is this is a FREE pattern by Heart Hook Home called the Creighton Blanket. It’s a two part series. We will start on August 1st! By the end of August, we will have a beautiful blanket (that I can finally send to baby Rori!) and will have had such a fun time!

Please follow @hearthookhome and thank her for her pattern! This is not a sponsored post. I’ve never met or had any interactions with Ashlea, I just really love her blog and patterns and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Crochet Pattern Part 1

Crochet Pattern Part 2



  1. I do the same exact thing. I get a project started and I usually don’t finish it because something comes up. This sounds like a lot of fun and will hold me accountable to get it finished.

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